The Future of Renewables Initiative

The Future of Renewables Initiative connects wind and solar
companies, researchers, and professionals with innovative
K-12 renewable energy education projects.

Building the Future of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is quickly becoming prominent on the national energy landscape, yet many gaps remain in the public's understanding of these energy sources and factual information is difficult to find. Even today, half of the US population cannot correctly name one renewable energy source!

That's why creating high-quality educational programs for students is so critical. We want to collaborate with you to develop programming that helps students think critically about the energies that will fuel the future, building informed communities in your areas of interest. With your financial support and our expertise, we can broaden and deepen our impact to the public to build the future of renewable energy.

Collaborate with us

We are looking for sponsors, partners, individuals, and organizations to support KidWind's Future of Renewables Initiative. We are happy to tailor your needs to meet our own. Start small by sponsoring prizes in your name at a KidWind Challenge, or go for a bigger impact by hosting a REcharge Lab in an area where you have developed or proposed projects.

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Foundation Level Sponsors

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The Governer's STEM Advisory Council of Iowa is providing a substantial grant for KidWind to pilot our REcharge Labs program in the state between 2014-2015. This grant will be used to fund the training workshops and Renewable Energy Festivals (including wind and solar design Challenges).

EDP Renewables logo

In 2014, EDPR's sponsorship funded teachers from across the nation to come to our WindSenator training in Saint Paul, MN in the summer of 2014. EDPR selected teachers from communities where they have built or are developing wind farms to become local wind energy experts.

Wind Energy Foundation logo

The Wind Energy Foundation helped sponsor the planning and implementation of the WindSenators training. Their funding also helped offset the costs of bringing KidWind staff to the National KidWind Challenge in Washington, DC.

Tower Level Sponsors

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Nacelle Level Sponsors

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Blades Level Sponsors

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Major Partners

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About our Work

KidWind has been working with educators and students nationwide since 2003, imparting knowledge of renewable energies to more than 10,000 teachers and 600,000 students. Each year, we involve more people while fostering existing connections to grow our network exponentially.

KidWind has developed effective, engaging, and sustainable methods of bringing renewable energy education to school districts and communities across the nation through our four core program areas:

  1. Workshops: REcharge Labs (teacher training workshops) train educators about the basics of renewable energy and how to effectively teach these concepts across a variety of disciplines. The annual WindSenators workshop brings more intensive training and leadership skills to educators, adding to our a constantly growing network of trained KidWind experts who help us implement our projects worldwide.
  2. Challenges: KidWind Challenges bring students hands-on opportunities to apply their knowledge of renewable energy through friendly but challenging competition.
  3. Resources: KidWind classroom kits, curricula, and lesson plans make it easy for teachers to bring standards-based renewable energy concepts into their classrooms in engaging and interactive ways.
  4. KidWind Store: We are constantly developing new product ideas and activities for make hands-on learning. We partner with Vernier to manufacture and distribute many of our kits.

"Thank you for bringing this to a level that our kids understand. The teamwork, cooperation, and problem solving, along with the engineering skills that they are developing, are amazing."

- Susan (Middle School Teacher)